The Results: Barbara won re-election! Merrie went to a runoff and lost by a small margin. We won all three Executive Committee seats but lost most Board seats. Don't mourn. Organize!

Barbara Madeloni, Candidate for MTA President
Merrie Najimy, Candidate for MTA Vice President

Member Action 2016 is a platform for a group of MTA members running together for elected offices within the MTA.

We came together as Member Action in order to offer MTA members a clear choice for leadership that will ensure that the vision of MTA as a member driven, democratic union fighting for the schools our children and communities deserve is supported by leadership from the regional board members, to the president and vice-president, to our national board.

We believe in the collective wisdom and power of our members; that every student should have the chance to experience school as a place of joyful and meaningful learning, civic and personal engagement, and hope; and that we have the power to create work-places and communities in which all are secure and each may flourish.

In order to achieve these goals, we will support locals in growing member participation building by building, work to develop alliances across locals and with the community and other unions, vigorously defend public education from the corporate assault, and establish and work toward a vision of high quality pre-k-16 public education for every student in Massachusetts.