Messages from the Candidates

April Flyer

As candidates we are running as a team because we share some key positions:

  • We are excited about the new direction and want the MTA to keep moving forward.
  • We believe in member participation and leadership from the local to the statewide level.

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April Mailing

A Message from Barbara Madeloni, MTA President and Candidate for Re-election

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Boston Globe Article: The Back Story

Globe article: the back story

Dear MTA Members,

You may have read a story in the Boston Globe that reports “UMass won’t renew union chief’s unpaid leave” and tries to say that because of that there is “a touch of uncertainty” about my candidacy for re-election as president of the MTA.  Be assured, as even the Globe story makes clear, there is zero doubt – zero – about my eligibility to run and serve.

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A Monumental Change

Dear Fellow MTA Delegates,

When I took office as president of the MTA on July 15, 2014, it signaled a monumental change in the MTA. After years of working for a ‘place at the table’ and being told to be satisfied with incremental change the delegates, by electing me, effectively said, “Enough! Its time to get back to leading the conversation on public education.”

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MTA Members Support Barbara Madeloni

Now more than ever, we need to re-elect Barbara Madeloni for MTA President and elect Merrie Najimy as MTA Vice-President

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Merrie Najimy: Candidate for Vice President of the MTA

What Drew Me To Education
I was drawn to education, like you, out of my passion for learning. Struggling to learn and read, and feeling invisible in the curriculum as a child, inspired  me to want to teach. This led me to what is now my 26th year of teaching elementary education in Concord, MA. For so many of us, being an educator defines who we are.

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