Eligilibity and Qualifications

Here is some information on Barbara Madeloni's eligibility and qualifications for re-election in 2016:

A time line

A time line of attempts to challenge Barbara Madeloni’s right to be president or run for president.

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MTA General Counsel's Letter on the Eligility Issue

The signatories' first question is whether Ms. Madeloni is eligible to continue to server as President in her current term. The answer is yes...for the same reason, the signatories' second question — i.e., is Ms. Madeloni eligible to campaign for re-election in May 2016? — the answer again is yes.

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Boston Globe Article: The Back Story

Dear MTA Members,

You may have read a story in the Boston Globe that reports “UMass won’t renew union chief’s unpaid leave” and tries to say that because of that there is “a touch of uncertainty” about my candidacy for re-election as president of the MTA. Be assured, as even the Globe story makes clear, there is zero doubt – zero – about my eligibility to run and serve.

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Move to Outsource Teacher Licensing Process Draws Protest

What started it all: Barbara leading students in resistance to Pearson

UMass won’t renew teachers union chief’s unpaid leave

Globe story appearing this March, based on Barbara’s private employment documents obtained by opposition research firm.